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The Gym has been home to Vista's best fitness training for more than 33 years, offering men and women all across our community the chance challenge their bodies and build strength every day. We are proud to work with everyone from accomplished bodybuilders to weekend warriors and complete beginners. No matter what your goals might be, we're here to help you make it happen.

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I love this gym! I drive 20 minutes out of the way just to come here even though there are at least 4 or 5 other gyms closer to my house! The staff is always friendly, recognizes me and says hello when I come in or leave. People come here to work! You don't see people worried about what they look like or being judgy, you see people lifting! I'm super comfortable here!! They don't have AC but I come to sweat anyway so it doesn't bother me! 5 stars!

Personal Training Vista

Elaina H.

This place is awesome! Some people think it's intimidating but once you go, you'll quickly learn it's not at all. The owners are very kind and make you feel welcomed. Also the people there are cool too. It is a place you can get motivated to push yourself beyond what you thought. You get to see some amazing, dedicated people who put in the work and it shows. You'll really start to understand why consistency is important and you won't want to give up. This is my kind of gym! Thanks Todd and Jon for having a gym that provides real motivation!

Personal Training Vista

Acacia T.

Great gym with great staff. Gets a little hot in the summer. But I'd you are looking to sweat that helps i guess. They offer personal training. Boxing classes upstairs and a nutrition store attached to the building as well. Recommend for motivated people. This isn't crunch or planet fitness.. come to work out!

Personal Training Vista

Travis M.

Had the opportunity not only to workout here, but have an experience I will never forget. Came all the way from El Paso, Tx to attend the "Shawn Ray Muscle and Fitness Camp" where I got to meet some of the Greats and Legends in the world of body building. Gained a lot of great knowledge and met a lot of great humble people. The gym in itself is vintage to the point where you feel as if you were in the era of the legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and more. I hope to be afforded the opportunity to go back and workout at Worlds Gym in the near future. Thank you for everything.

Personal Training Vista

Jesus L.

This is a stellar gym if you're serious about bodybuilding or powerlifting and you have the right mindset. This gym and its culture isn't for everyone. If you're looking for a place that'll let you buy an overpriced Gatorade after you messed around on the treadmill for 30 minutes with the A/C on full blast in your face while you watched Judge Judy than this place isn't for you. There are plenty of other fine establishments that will cater to that routine. This isn't a health club of that nature. If you're looking to lift some weights around other people who are also there to lift weights then you'll fit right in and likely have no issues. If you can check your entitlements, check your ego, check your sensitivities, and are serious about pumping some iron then this is the spot for you.

Personal Training Vista

Samuel H.

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