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 You’ve heard of TG The Gym. Having started numerous businesses, George knows what keeps owners awake at night.  He has lived the challenges of starting, growing, and selling a business. He figured out what it takes to develop an engaged work team and produce customers who walk out the door saying, “WOW!” that was a GREAT experience.” George will share his business adventure but more importantly, inspire you to discover key leverage points in your business and to optimize change in order to thrive in today’s marketplace.


He currently owns two TG The Gym in San Diego and an international fitness events company with six events each year in Northern and Central California.  CEO for TG The Gym licensing.  Temporary CFO for Invent Medical, Inc., medical device company. George is a proud father, happy husband, serial entrepreneur, business builder, accomplished surfer and tennis player and a fitness and wellness expert.  Don’t know where he found time, but he even has a CPA. 


University of Southern California

BS in Business Administration, Accounting major, degree received in 1982

Passed CPA exam in 1982

Certified Public Accountant: 1984

California License Number: CPA 44135 active 



Fitness Center development and ownership:                                                                                              


1983 Gold's Gym - Walnut Creek, CA  sold                                1984 Gold's Gym  - Reseda, CA sold

1988  Gold's Gym - Santa Cruz   sold                                          1987 Gold's Gym - Upland, CA sold

1985 TG The Gym - Pacific Beach, CA   curretn                             1989 Gold's Gym - Antioch, CA sold

1986 Northridge, CA (2 locations)  sold                                      1995 Gold's Gym - Scripps Ranch, CA sold

1987 El Paso, TX (2 locations)  sold                                      1997 Gold's Gym - San Marcos expansion

1989 Gold's Gym - Oceanside, Ca    sold                                     1997 Gold's Gym - Vista, CA sold

1990 Gold's Gym - San Marcos, CA    sold                                  1997 Singapore (Planet Fitness- GWC) sold

1992 Pacific Beach, CA purchased building and moved        2001 World Gym, Tai Chung, Taiwan sold

1994 Gold's Gym - Huntington Beach, CA    sold                        1998 Singapore (Planet Fitness - FES) sold

1999 Sold all US fitness centers to Bally Total Fitness           2000 Gold's Gym Taipei, Taiwan sold

2003 Healthy Choices fitness centers sold   2003 Synergy Fitness - Lake Forest, CA sold

2004 World of Fitness - Illinois   sold                                            2010 World Gym - Vista, CA current

2011 Evolve Performance Center -Laguna, CA  sold                    2018 TG The Gym – licensing 5 locations



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